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So I havent been on this account in awhile, since I'm using my account for cosplay more, but I decided to post this here, since I know more people will see it and will learn about this wonderful site.

There is this site called Gothic Lolita Wigs ( which I recently started making purchases from. I have to say, I am very impressed. My third wig from them is coming in soon (…) and I cannot wait! They cost a little more than most wigs on ebay (the only reason I've been able to buy them is because I've been selling cosplays and all of my manga) but they are so much better. The shipping is great. All of my wigs I have recieved within five days of ordering (except for this one thats coming in, since they are doing an anime convention this weekend).

I am also going to review the other two wigs I ordered.

The Blended Lolita wig in Choco-Latte (…) (which they just ran out of this week) is, I have to say, my favorite wig out of all of mine. It is perfect for wearing around for casual cosplay (I use the base as a Hungary wig) or at anime conventions. It doesn't frizz (but I have heard it will in places with lots of humidity) and it is absolutly gorgeous. I will say, though, it is not as long as I thought it would be.

My other wig, Duchess in Burundy (…) is also a very lovely wig. It is very curly and realistic-feeling, but it does not feel to be as long as the one in the picture. I am using mine for my lolita Grell cosplay (also what my Ringlet Redux in Burgundy that is coming in is for).

and now, a little update on me~

yesterday I got bit by an iguana after provoking a guinea pig fight (I THOUGHT THEY WOULDNT FIGHT OKAY)

but i did finally sell my black butler volumes and undertaker cosplay, so i was able to order another wig and my grell teeth (which i got for $7 less than dental distortions on (they still are dental distortions teeth, just from a different site)) which I cannot wait for them to come in ^-^ So now I have everything ordered and it should all be in within the next ten or fifteen days.


nothing important that you need to know =3=
United States

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